Concert Band

Welcome to Concert Band! This band is for graduates from Beginning band, as well as, students who are continuing to work on mastering basic skills on their instrument such as the twelve major scales.

In this band we develop musical skills such as playing with correct articulations, listening for and correcting intonation issues, we focus on attacks and releases, and we spend a lot of time improving our tone while having a great time playing serious and popular music. Sight reading is also a big component of this class as we attend festivals each year where we are adjudicated for our prepared performance, as well as, for our ability to sight read.

In Concert Band students may also explore the world of Solo and Ensemble music where students not only increase their musical abilities and confidence level, but they really have fun and thrive while working on music that really becomes “their own”.

Students are expected to purchase the Concert Band uniform and wear that uniform to every performance. Tuxedo Shirts are available at Friar Tux in either Escondido or Vista.  Tell them you are with SEMS Band and receive a 50% discount! 

Sign your Concert Band Agreement!

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Concert Band Attire

  • White Tuxedo Shirt (with wing tips)
  • Black Bow Tie
  • Black Dress Pants (no jeans) or Black Skirt below the knee
  • Black Tall Socks or Black Tights (no anklets or footies)
  • Black Dress Shoes (no athletic or skate style)
  • Band T-Shirt is needed for any trips

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The festivals we attend are hosted by SCSBOA, the Southern California School Band and Orchestra Association. After we perform at these festivals we often enjoy a fun activity as a reward such as visiting BOOMERS or KNOTTS BERRY FARM.

The students are expected to “pass off” their music to gain the privilege of attending any concert or festival. Students are graded on their effort and ability as recorded in their homework assignments on SMART MUSIC.