Intermediate Band

Intermediate Band receives so many talented 6th grade musicians that started playing music in Elementary School that by the time they are in Middle School, they can no longer be called beginners.

Therefore the requirement for this class is at least one year of music instruction on the instrument the student is going to play in band.  This class is geared primarily toward 6th graders who already play the band instrument they have chosen for middle school.  


This class meets 5th period 2 or 3 days per week. In this class the students explore 10 major scales plus chromatic, working on intonation, sight reading, and improving their tone by the use of proper posture and air support. This group will perform a few songs at the fall concert with Beginning Band and Concert Band and will usually join the Concert Band for our Spring Performance. Most students in Intermediate Band go onto audition for Golden Eagle or Wind Symphony for their 7th grade year. 

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Intermediate Band Attire

  • White Tuxedo Shirt (with wing tips)
  • Black Bow Tie 
  • Black Dress Pants (no jeans)  or Black Skirt Below the Knee
  • Black Socks or Black Tights 
  • Black Dress Shoes
  • Band T-Shirt will be needed for any trips

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