Solo & Ensemble

Solo & Ensemble is an adjudicated performance of chamber music or solo repertoire by one or more students.

Chamber music is any piece of music with more than one person on an instrument (duos, trios, quartets). Solo repertoire is piece of music either with or without piano accompaniment.

All 7th and 8th grade students have the opportunity to participate in the Solo & Ensemble program.  Solo & Ensemble is a great way for students to challenge themselves and learn to perform in a small group.  Ms. Kossler and Mrs. McInnis can assist in choosing music, or can arrange music so a variety of instruments can perform together!  We are also fortunate to have a wonderful piano accompanist who loves to work with students preparing solos! 

What Does Participating in Solo & Ensemble Require?

  • In the Fall, applications for interest will be available for students to fill out.  These will be turned in to Ms. Kossler and Mrs. McInnis. 

  • A nominal fee to host the festival will be collected from students who are participating. 

  • The Solo & Ensemble Festival will be in February where students will perform for esteemed judges who are highly regarded music educators. 

  • Students who receive an Outstanding or Excellent rating at the festival will have the opportunity to perform again in April at the Solo & Ensemble Recital. 

  • Ms. Kossler and Mrs. McInnis will then choose select ensembles to perform at the End of the Year Concert in May.