Beginning band is open to any San Elijo Middle School Student. No music experience is required. Concert Band is open to students who have completed Beginning Band or those who have approximately one year of music experience or lessons. Golden Eagles Band is open to students who have completed Concert Band or those with at least one year of music experience or lessons and can demonstrate a minimum level of proficiency with their instrument.
Talk to Ms. Kossler or Mrs. McInnis or go to the counseling office and ask there. You will receive an application. Get it signed by your parents and you are in! During the first month of school, the faculty and staff are very helpful in arranging your schedule so you can join.
Hey, you're good enough! We need people who want to have fun and play music. There are numerous occasions where students with less experience have moved up one level in band because we 'need' people to play certain instruments like baritone, bass clarinet, tuba or French horn.
Jazz Band is open to 7th and 8th grade students who have proficiency level with their instrument. All it takes to join Jazz Band is to show up regularly! It's a smaller group of dedicated musicians and has a limited instrument mix. The Jazz Band does not include clarinet, flute, French horn, tuba, nor baritone. If you play one of those instruments, don't be discouraged. You can still join the Jazz Band by learning a new similar instrument or by playing the marimba, congas, keyboard, or other auxiliary percussion instrument. As always, if you are interested in Jazz Band, talk to Ms. Kossler. If you play a non Jazz instrument and are willing to try a new instrument, I bet there is an opening just for you!
Well. you have a few choices. Of course you can always buy an instrument, but that can be a big investment. There are music stores around San Marcos, Vista and Escondido where you can rent or rent-to-own your own instrument. The prices are reasonable and depending on the rental agreement, if you rent for about 2 years, it can be yours. If purchase or rental is not an option don't give up. San Elijo Middle School owns a limited number of instruments which students in need of assistance can borrow. They are on a first-come, first served basis. See Ms. Kossler or Mrs. McInnis for availability of these instruments.
No. There is no charge to join any band, but we do ask that students purchase a uniform for the band. In the case of Beginning Bands, the uniform is a band T-Shirt, available for about $12, or free with any donation of $100.00 or more. The Golden Eagle band, Concert band and Symphonic Winds uniform is a tuxedo shirt and bow-tie. All shirts should be worn with black pants. Go to your students Band page for more information on their specific uniform.
The Directors don't teach their own students privately, but there are many people who do. Go to the Private Lessons page for a comprehensive list of private teachers.
This business provide repair services and music supplies:
San Diego County Music Exchange
985 Civic Center Dr. Suite 102
Vista, CA 92083
P:(760) 630-7451
San Diego Music Studio
423 S. Las Posas Road
San Marcos, CA 92078