Student Resources


Great resources for practicing

  • Smart Music - Create Account
    Learn how to create an account and login
  • Smart Music - Tutorials
    A set of tutorials that will help you to master Smart Music
  • Metrononome
    A great on-line metronome to practice with!
  • PracticeSightReading
    Practice sight reading.
  • Virtual Piano
    This is a virtual piano which is especially helpful for percussionists to practice mallets if you don't have a bell kit or keyboard at home.
    Great site with games and info about music theory. It also has an excellent ear training game.
  • Music Racer Great games for naming notes and learning fingerings for your instrument!
  • Music Trainer Great games for general musicianship
  • Staff Wars  A Great game for learning how to read notes in your clef! 

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