SEMS Band and Choir Concert Attire 

At San Elijo Middle School, students in the elective classes of band and choir  wear "concert attire" for performances.  This attire varies depending on which group the students are performing in.  Posted on this page are examples of the attire for each performing group.  

The Boosters are able to assist students in attaining the uniform items if needed. 

Beginning Band/Beginning Choir

Beginning Band and Choir wear the Black Band or Choir Shirt along with Black bottoms and black shoes.  In beginning band and choir, any black bottoms are fine (jeans, leggings, etc).  If a skirt is worn, it must be to the floor or black tights must be worn if the skirt is knee length. Black shoes are also part of the attire.  In beginning band, black on black athletic or skate shoes are ok.  Students can also choose to wear black dress shoes or boots. 

Concert Band, Golden Eagle Band, Wind Symphony

When a students gets to the advanced groups of Concert Band, Golden Eagle, and Wind Symphony, the attire changes to a more formal attire to reflect the refinement of their musicianship.  

In all of the upper groups, students wear a white wing tip tuxedo shirt, black dress pants or floor length skirt, black socks or tights and black dress style shoes.  Jeans, leggings, and athletic shoes are no longer appropriate at this level.  

The differences between the bands are that:

  • Concert Band wears a black bow tie

  • Golden Eagle wears a gold bow tie

  • Winds wears a white bow tie

Winds also has the option to wear a floor length black dress with sleeves. 

black dress 4.jpg

Photos of dresses can be clicked on for purchase links. 

These are purely suggestions.  Similar dresses are acceptable. If you have questions, please email your director.


black dress 2.jpg

Jazz Bands

Jazz Band wears an all black attire with flair.  Students can choose to wear ties, fedora hats, jewelry, socks etc with their black attire.  Black dresses shown above and to the right also may be worn. 

Advanced Golden Eagle Choir

When a students gets to the advanced choir, the attire changes to a more formal attire to reflect the refinement of their musicianship.  

In this group, students wear all "dressy" black.  This means that they can choose from a black dress shirt or blouse and black nice pants or a black dress with sleeves.  In choir because we are standing, the dress must be at least to the knee.  It does not have to be floor length.  Black shoes, socks/tights are also worn. 

Solo & Ensemble

Solo & Ensemble is the opportunity for musicians to show their personality through their dress.  There is not a dress code for solo and ensemble, however you want to look nice and take pride in the work you have put in for your performance.  You don't have to wear black-color is perfectly fine, and if you are doing something where a costume would be appropriate, that is fine too.  This is your chance to be creative! 

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