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Why Mentorship? 

What is mentorship? 

  • For our student musicians, mentorship is more than just having another student to help them in band or choir.  It is about building community through music.  

  • Students work together not only on music, but on any every day subject to build those lasting and meaningful friendships. 

  • Being at a new school can be very overwhelming, but knowing that you have someone; a friend to help, puts the minds of many students at ease.

  • With the joint program with SEMS and SMHS, mentorship is as follows:

    • 8th grade students mentor 6th grade students​

    • 7th grade and new 8th grade students are mentored by a SMHS band or choir student.

    • Most of the SMHS band and choir students were once SEMS students, so we match mentors and mentees on their personalities and interests.

    • Mentors/Mentees are required to meet weekly for check in, but may meet as often as they like!

    • Meetings can be in person at school, via Zoom, or with parent permission, outside of school.

    • Mentorship is a great opportunity to work with different students on small ensemble repertoire. Some even perform at the Solo and Ensemble Festival in February!

    • A Google Classroom is set up for band and one for choir mentors for communication.  Parents are welcome to join and monitor.

  • The Mentorship program continues through band and choir into students' high school years. This way students get the change to mentor and be mentored.  ​

  • Leadership skills are built and nurtured by teachers at the middle school and high school.

Why Mentorship??

Because Community Matters.

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