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The festivals we attend are hosted by  San Marcos Unified School District, CMEA,

the California Music Educator's Association which is part of NAfME, the National

Association for Music Education; SCVA, the Southern California Vocal Association; and 

Music in the Parks which is endorsed by several music education organizations across the country.  


Depending on the time of the performance, we may enjoy a fun activity before or after the festival such as MULLIGAN'S Mini Golf or Knott's Berry Farm! 

The students are expected to “pass off” their music to gain the privilege of attending any concert or festival. Students are graded on their effort and ability during these tests. 

In this ensemble, we continue to develop the voice and breath system to an advanced level.  As well as continuing to work on note reading and rhythms, we begin singing in different languages and in more complex harmonies. Sight singing will also be explored in this ensemble. 

Students in this group are expected to have the Advanced Golden Eagle Choir uniform and wear it to all performances. 





Welcome to Golden Eagle Choir!  This advanced group is for students with previous choir or musical theater experience.


Golden Eagle Choir Attire 

  • Black dress shirt or blouse

  • Black Pants or Skirt

  • Black Socks or Tights 

  • Black Shoes 

  • OR

  • Black Uniform Dress provided by SEMS Choir

  • Black Choir Shirt for Trips

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