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The Screamin' Eagles Jazz Bands
Rockin' SEMS starting at 7am!

There are three levels of Jazz Band: Beginning Jazz,

the House Band and the Gig Band.  Gig band

practices daily with Mrs. Homes, while House

practices with Ms. McInnis. Beginning practices

with coaches when it begins after the Turkey Concerts

Jazz Schedule 2022-2023

Jazz Begins the 2nd Day of School 7am! 

(Schedule subject to change for special events, lessons, etc. 

Directors will let students know) 

The Jazz Performance Band (Gig Band-Screamin' Eagles) is an audition-only group that represents San Elijo Middle School in the community and at competitive festivals.

The House Band is made up of students who have at least one year of experience. They also compete at Jazz Festivals.

Beginning Jazz requires no audition.  In mid October, Beginning Jazz will be open to 6th graders who are interested.  The 3 jazz bands play for the fall and spring concerts. 

All Jazz Bands wear all black with flair (bow ties, fedoras, etc.)

Click here for examples

To remain in Jazz Band, students must have good attendance, learn new jazz music promptly, and pass off the Bb, Eb, F, C, and Ab scales by the Winter Break (House and Gig only). The scales are usually passed off in their band class.  

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