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The main festival we attend is at California State University, Fullerton.  It is usually on a Saturday.  We also attend a festival hosted by San Marcos Unified School District and compete in Music in the Parks Festival in Orange County. After we perform at festivals and listen to other groups,  we often enjoy a fun activity as a reward such as visiting KNOTT'S BERRY FARM.

The students are expected to “pass off” their music to gain the privilege of attending any concert or festival. This can be done during sectional time or with the directors or coaches. 

In Wind Symphony we also explore the world of Solo and Ensemble music where students not only increase their musical abilities and confidence level, but they really have fun and thrive while working on music that really becomes “their own”.​

8th graders have the opportunity to attend the Disneyland Soundtrack Workshop in January by passing off their 12 major scales with Mrs. McInnis or Mrs. Homes either live or via Flipgrid. 

This band performs literature consistent with many High Schools and the level of expectation for practice and performance is quite high. We perform and compete at festivals throughout Southern California. San Elijo’s Wind Symphony Band always receives the highest accolades whenever we perform.

Students are expected to have the Wind Symphony uniform (details to the right) and wear that uniform to every performance. 


Welcome to Wind Symphony! Students in this band have auditioned for Mrs. Homes and have proven a certain level of competency on their twelve major scales, intonation concept, tone production, use of articulations, and ability to sight read.


Wind Symphony Attire* 

  • White Tuxedo Shirt (w/wing tips)

  • White Bow Tie

  • Black Dress Pants or Skirt below the knee

  • Black Socks or Tights 

  • Black Shoes (no athletic or skate shoes)

  • Ladies may choose to wear a long black dress (to the floor). The dress must have sleeves or a sweater must be worn to cover shoulders and upper arms. For a link to examples, click here!

  • Band T Shirt for all trips

Click here for examples​

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